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Appearing in "Golden Boy!"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


  • Troll Associates (First appearance)
    • Phay (First appearance)
    • Phee (First appearance)
    • Phough (First appearance)
    • Phumm (First appearance)
    • Phy (First appearance)

Other Characters:




  • Ship
  • X-Factor's small ship

Synopsis for "Golden Boy!"

In London, the troll Phy tracks the scent of gold to the home of a young man named Thomas Jones.  Through a window, Phy watches Thomas transmute his pen into gold while studying.  When Thomas goes to eat dinner, Phy sneaks inside and hides, waiting to kidnap him and force him to make more gold.  Aboard Ship, Jean and Warren discuss all they have been through as the New Mutants train and horse around.  Back in London, Phy grabs Thomas and climbs out the window but not before Thomas’s mother sees them.  Seeking help, she calls X-Factor, and Ship relays her message to the team.  Ship creates a jet for them, and, to Scott’s surprise, Jean insists on bringing Nathan along.  Upon arriving in London, X-Factor meets with Thomas’s mother then follows a trail of objects turned into gold to a hidden door beneath a bridge. Cyclops blasts it open, and inside they find a hoard of various things turned into gold.  Phy and his fellow trolls, the Troll Associates, appear, and X-Factor attacks.  One by one, the trolls knock them out and capture them.  They wake up in chains as Phy explains the trolls’ plan to force Alchemy to make so much gold that economic inflation will destroy England’s economy.  Trolls and other magical creatures will then retake the land.


  • This issue is reprinted in the Essential X-Factor vol. 3 trade paperback published in 2010.


  • Alchemy was created by British fan Paul Betsow, the winner of Marvel's "Fall of the Mutants" Mutant Registration Contest. Readers submitted a mutant character of their own creation, and Marvel selected Alchemy as the winning entry.

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