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  • Electromagnetic scrambling gun
  • Synaptic neutralizer


  • SHIELD submarine

Synopsis for "Clash Reunion"

From the balcony of the White House, X-Factor and U.S. Director of Mutant Affairs Valerie Cooper watch an angry mob rage outside the complex’s fence.  A gunshot rings out, and the team springs into action, rescuing the victim and taking down the shooter.  Suspecting mutant activity behind all the discord, the U.S. President requested X-Factor’s help along with one other man—Professor X.  He enters with Colossus by his side and says that, to save the world, they must stop the Shadow King.  On Muir Island, Forge explains to Rogue and Wolverine how his neurosynaptic buffer freed them from the King’s control.  Suddenly, Banshee attacks and blasts Rogue.  Forge and Wolverine subdue him, and Forge injects him with the buffer, restoring his free will.  Banshee explains how the Shadow King is telepathically stoking hatred around the world and feeding off it using Polaris’s power to absorb negative psychic energy.  Beneath the North Sea, X-Factor, Professor X, and Cooper cruise toward Muir Isle in a SHIELD submarine.  Professor X tells X-Factor they must find the Shadow King’s human host and sever his nexus with the Astral Plane.  Unbeknownst to them, that host is among them in the form of FBI Agent Jacob Reisz.  Following a brief reminiscence with Professor X, X-Factor deploys to the island in a small jet.  They immediately encounter several X-Men and Muir Island X-Men and defeat them only to be ambushed by Legion.  On the sub, the Shadow King reveals himself and attacks Professor X, but Cooper reveals herself to be the shapeshifter Mystique and eliminates his host.  The telepathic backlash sends Legion into a frenzy, enabling X-Factor to move past him and find Polaris.  They realize she is the nexus as the freed X-Men arrive to join them.  The Shadow King takes Legion as a host and uses his psionic powers to cause a cataclysmic explosion.


  • This issue is part three of the five-part "Muir Island Saga" crossover with Uncanny X-Men. The story continues from Uncanny X-Men vol. 1 #279 and continues in Uncanny X-Men vol. 1 #280.
  • This issue is reprinted in:
    • X-Men by Chris Claremont & Jim Lee Omnibus vol. 2 hardcover (2011);
    • Essential X-Factor vol. 5 trade paperback (2012);
    • Essential X-Men vol. 11 trade paperback (2013);
    • X-Men Epic Collection vol. 19: Mutant Genesis trade paperback (2017).

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