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Synopsis for "Sittin' by the Dock of the Bay"

While hiding beneath a New York pier, Sauron overhears U.S. soldiers talking about the mutant refugees aboard a docked ship and decides to contact the rest of the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants.  In D.C., Havok interrupts Val chastising Multiple Man over his handling of the Rhapsody case, and they argue over leadership of X-Factor as Wolfsbane welcomes Polaris home from the hospital.  Havok soon joins them and says the team has a mission.  At the courthouse, Strong Guy greets Shrew after she testifies, and she kisses him goodbye.  Aboard the refugee ship in New York, an immigration official tells the refugees they cannot claim asylum because the anti-mutant regime in their native Genosha has been overthrown.  Frustrated, one of their number, the shape-shifter Lukas, scares the official off. The refugees hear a scream from the pier and watch as the Brotherhood attacks the soldiers posted there.  The Toad, the Brotherhood’s leader, wants to recruit the refugees, but they dismiss the idea.  Quicksilver arrives and assaults the Toad, but Phantazia subdues him. The rest of X-Factor soon appears and engages the Brotherhood.  While grappling with Wolfsbane, Sauron boasts that he killed her ex-teammate Cannonball, and she flies into a berserker rage.  Polaris saves Havok from Pyro, Strong Guy drops the Blob into the bay, and Quicksilver knocks out the Toad.  With the Brotherhood defeated, Havok assures the refugees it is safe for them to return to Genosha.  They are still skeptical so he declares X-Factor will go back with them.


  • This issue is reprinted in:
    • X-Factor Visionaries: Peter David vol. 3 trade paperback (2007);
    • X-Factor Epic Collection vol. 7: All-New, All-Different X-Factor trade paperback (2019);
    • X-Factor by Peter David Omnibus hardcover (2021).


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