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Appearing in "X-Cutioner's Song part 10: One of These Days...Pow! Zoom!"

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Synopsis for "X-Cutioner's Song part 10: One of These Days...Pow! Zoom!"

Having broken out of Stryfe’s base, Cyclops and Jean Grey begin to suffocate and freeze to death on the lunar surface.  Realizing where they are thanks to a telepathic distress call from Jean, Wolverine informs X-Factor and the X-Men at Xavier’s School.  Stryfe saves Scott and Jean by telekinetically creating an air bubble around them.  Wolverine wants to launch a rescue immediately, but Storm orders him to hold off until the two teams figure out a way to get to the Moon.  While Cable recalibrates his space station’s teleporter, Havok and Storm pick their team for the rescue mission.  As Archangel lets Apocalypse out of his holding cell to treat Professor X, Multiple Man warns Havok that he has lost contact with the duplicate he had watching the X-Patriots.  In the school’s infirmary, Archangel stands by as Apocalypse supercharges the virus killing Xavier.  In Manhattan, Taylor’s doctor visits his hospital room only to find Taylor and the X-Patriots gone and Madrox’s duplicate unconscious.  On the Moon, Scott and Jean begin to run out of air.  Stryfe offers to save them if they beg for their lives. They refuse and pass out, and he angrily breaks down crying.  At Xavier’s School, the virus briefly consumes Apocalypse and Professor X before they reappear in a flash of light.  Xavier is cured, and Apocalypse explains that he killed the virus by overloading it.  After thanking him, Storm tells him of the rescue mission, and he offers the use of his spacecraft.  Tired of waiting, Bishop, Cable, and Wolverine teleport to Stryfe’s base and find the Dark Riders ready to confront them.


  • This issue is part ten of the 12-part "X-Cutioner's Song" crossover with Uncanny X-Men, X-Force, and X-Men. The story continues from Uncanny X-Men #296 and continues in X-Men Vol 2 #16.
  • This issue came polybagged with a X-Cutioner's Song trading card featuring the Dark Riders drawn by Greg Capullo and Harry Candelario.
  • This issue is reprinted in:
    • X-Men: X-Cutioner's Song trade paperback (1994);
    • X-Factor Visionaries: Peter David vol. 4 trade paperback (2008);
    • X-Men: X-Cutioner's Song hardcover (2011);
    • X-Factor Epic Collection vol. 8: X-Aminations trade paperback (2019);
    • X-Men Milestones: X-Cutioner's Song trade paperback (2019);
    • X-Force Epic Collection vol. 2: X-Cutioner's Song trade paperback (2020);
    • X-Factor by Peter David Omnibus hardcover (2021).


  • The title of the story is a reference to the 1950s American television sitcom The Honeymooners. When frustrated with his wife Alice, the short-tempered lead character Ralph Kramden pretends to threaten her by raising his fist and saying "One of these days...POW!" or "BANG! ZOOM! To the Moon, Alice!" (Her usual retort is "Ahhhh, shaddap!")

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