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Appearing in "X-Tenuating Circumstances part 3: Answers (and Questions)"

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  • Ophrah Industries corporate helicopter

Synopsis for "X-Tenuating Circumstances part 3: Answers (and Questions)"

In Switzerland, Gideon arrives at a chalet to meet with his fellow Externals, a cabal of immortal mutants a.k.a. High Lords.  Having sensed Cannonball’s resurrection, they criticize Gideon for mistakenly identifying Sunspot as a High Lord and taking him in.  Gideon assures them he will dispose of Sunspot and suggests having another of their number, Crule, abduct Cannonball.  In a Mutant Liberation Front base, Weapon X again fights through Forearm, Sumo, and Wildside to reach Stryfe.  Stryfe stuns Kane by revealing that, under his helmet, he looks just like Cable. At X-Force headquarters, Cable has Warpath take Masque and Sauron’s bodies to the morgue and escorts Cannonball back to the infirmary.  After an examination to verify his health, Cannonball learns he is an immortal High Lord from Cable.  Furthermore, mentoring him is the reason Cable turned the New Mutants into X-Force and let Gideon recruit Sunspot.  After Boom-Boom enters and reunites with Cannonball, Cable declares X-Force will return Masque’s body to the Morlocks as a warning not to cross them again.  At the MLF base, Weapon X asks how Stryfe and Cable can be the same person when he saw them fight each other.  Stryfe responds with riddles then knocks him out.  Hours later, an overwhelmed Cannonball confides in Boom-Boom about his confusion.  In Newfoundland, Weapon X wakes up to find the MLF dumped him near Department K.  He visits the agency and tells General Clarke to contact G.W. Bridge about Cable. Clarke introduces someone else interested in bringing in Cable—Rictor.  In Sardinia, Italy, Tolliver orders Deadpool to pay a visit to their mole inside X-Force—Domino.


  • This issue is reprinted in:
    • X-Force: Under the Gun hardcover (2011);
    • X-Force Omnibus hardcover (2013);
    • X-Force Epic Collection vol. 1: Under the Gun trade paperback (2017).

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