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  • Banshee (On a TV or computer screen)




Synopsis for "Friendly Reminders"

In the Morlock tunnels under Manhattan, X-Force presents Masque’s shredded cloak, Sauron’s body, and a shackled Thornn to the Morlocks.  Cable warns them not to attack X-Force again, and the team departs.  At X-Force’s headquarters, Deadpool watches Shatterstar train then attacks and defeats him.  Next, Deadpool ambushes Domino, calling her by her real name—Vanessa. They fight, and he scolds her for getting emotionally involved with Cable, reminding her she is an impostor and not the real Domino.  After beating her, he warns her that she still works for Tolliver then leaves.  Aboard the SHIELD heli-carrier, G.W. Bridge gets a video call from Weapon X relating his encounter with Stryfe.  Convinced Stryfe is Cable, Kane reveals he and Rictor have joined Weapon PRIME, a Department K strike team, and they intend to arrest Cable.  In Italy, Tolliver descends into his castle dungeon with his henchman Pico to visit their captive of over a year—the real Domino.  He gloats to her that soon she, Cable, and X-Force will all be forgotten.


  • This issue is reprinted in:
    • X-Force: Under the Gun hardcover (2011);
    • X-Force Omnibus hardcover (2013);
    • Deadpool: Beginnings Omnibus hardcover (2017);
    • X-Force Epic Collection vol. 1: Under the Gun trade paperback (2017);
    • Deadpool Epic Collection vol. 1: The Circle Chase trade paperback (2022).


  • This is the first revelation that Domino has been held by Tolliver for the past year.

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