"Night of the Sentinels" (Part 1)

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"Night of the Sentinels" (Part 1)
Sharon Janis
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(after she runs into Storm and Rogue, knocking them over) Hey! Why don't you watch where you're going?
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Us! What bug crawled up her shorts?
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I believed it's called youth, Rogue.
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  • As Jubilee is exploring the mansion, she passes several TV screens. Images on these screens include:
    • Domino appears on a news broadcast. The newsreader says "This strange woman was spotted near the scene of the violence." She appears in person (although still as a background character) in "Slave Island".
    • Cannonball who was apparently caught on amateur video.
    • Magneto very briefly appears, between the footage of Sabertooth and the press conference with Senator Kelly. Magneto's full introduction is in "Enter Magneto", the third episode of the series.

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  • The X-Men Animated series is probably best known for its re-imagining of the X-Men comic book series. This episode draws from the following X-Men issues:
    • The Mutant Registration Act was adapted from Uncanny X-Men #141.
    • The battle at the shopping mall is adapted from Jubilee's first appearance in Uncanny X-Men #244. In that story, Jubilee is attacked by the M-Squad and is rescued by female X-Men.
    • The character Morph is based off Changeling, originally an X-Man villain who first appeared in X-Men #35.
    • The X-Men in this series are all rendered in costumes that were part of the "New Genesis" of the X-Men which started in X-Men Vol 2 #1 and Uncanny X-Men #281, with the X-Men's roster consisting of X-Men who were active during that era of publication.

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