Quote1 The old world passes away; together, we shall forge a new one in fire and blood! The future is transformed! I am the instrument to purify the world! the evil of human and mutant must be cut away! You shall help my tear down the old order! Those who oppose me shall perish through my agents of destruction... From the ashes of this world, I will build a better one! Quote2


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  • Archangel's Earth-616 counterpart fired razor sharp feathers that had a neuro-toxin within them. As depicted here, he instead fires explosive feathers, this was likely to make his revamped powers more appropriate for children's television.

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  • Apocalypse's creation of his Four Horsemen here is very loosely adapted from X-Factor #10, 12, 15, 19 and 24.
    • In the comics, Apocalypse gathered his horsemen by himself, and Angel in particular as he had his wings amputated following a battle with the Marauders. Given the grim nature surrounding Apocalypse's gathering of these mutants, and its place in Marvel continuity, the concept had to be entirely retooled for the show.

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