Quote1 Being a mutant isn't a disease. It's something you're born with. It's as normal as being a traditional Homo sapien. Quote2
--Professor Xavier


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  • The mutants Professor Xavier sees when he tries to read Mystique (shapeshifted into Gottfried Alder) are herself and Avalanche
  • Although Doctor Adler died some time prior to the episode, Mystique reveals that he was indeed real until Apocalypse killed him. Cable reveals that it was Adler who created the mutant suppression collars used on Genosha (as seen in "Slave Island").


  • The use of the last name Gottfried Adler is likely used on purpose given the fact that Mystique poses as him in this episode. It is likely a shout-out to Earth-616 continuity, as in that reality Mystique's confidant and one-time lover Irene Adler (aka Destiny) has the same name.

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  • Rogue's origins detailing her kiss with Cody Robbins is adapted from Uncanny X-Men #185.

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