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Appearing in "Shattershot part 1: The Slaves of Destiny"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:

  • Longshot (in a vision)
  • Mojo II (First appearance) (Appears in shadow only)
  • Afghan mujahideen
  • Members of Longshot's rebellion (Flashback and main story) (some die)




Synopsis for "Shattershot part 1: The Slaves of Destiny"

On Mojoworld, Mojo’s troops vanquish a rebel force and capture its leader, Quark. Joined by Major Domo, Mojo himself has come to seize Arize, the bipedal rebels’ creator, and force him to create a new slave race.  Arize refuses and teleports to Earth.  At Xavier’s School, the X-Men’s Blue team has just finished a Danger Room exercise when Professor X summons them.  Cerebro has detected an alien presence in Afghanistan, and the team deploys to investigate.  At Mojo’s palace, Mojo instructs Major Domo to assemble a squad to retrieve Arize and orders the mission be televised.  The X-Men arrive in the mountains of Afghanistan and, after a brief skirmish with local mujahideen, find their target unconscious in a remote camp.  Mojo’s retrieval team materializes nearby, including Gog, Gog N’Magog, and a brainwashed Quark.  Psylocke telepathically scans the alien’s mind and learns he is Arize, that he created Longshot’s race, and that their rebellion against Mojo has failed multiple times. She senses the retrieval team, and Cyclops sends Gambit and Rogue to reconnoiter.  The retrieval team’s announcer recognizes Rogue, and two warriors overpower her. Gambit attacks the announcer just as the other X-Men arrive and proceed to defeat the retrieval team.  Gog and Gog N’Magog order a retreat and flee through a portal.  Rogue and Wolverine want to follow in order to find Longshot, but Cyclops stops them. Beast says they need to learn more about Arize.  Despite the retrieval mission garnering his highest ratings ever, Mojo is infuriated by its failure and, rather than send a second team, declares he will create a new slave race without Arize.  Elsewhere on Mojoworld, a shadowy figure monitors Mojo’s ranting and plots against him.

Appearing in "X-Men's Top Ten Villains!"

Featured Characters:



Synopsis for "X-Men's Top Ten Villains!"

Wolverine catches Jubilee setting the Danger Room to pit her against simulations of the X-Men’s top ten enemies.  The Room cycles through holograms of the list—Mojo, the Reavers, the Sentinels, the Brood, the Upstarts, Omega Red, Apocalypse, Mr. Sinister and the Marauders, and Magneto and the Acolytes, and Wolverine gives Jubilee a brief description of each one. When they get to the X-Men’s top adversary, Jubilee assumes it is Dark Phoenix, but Wolverine corrects her and explains their worst enemy is hate.


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