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  • Shi'ar
    • Commander
    • Counselor
    • Helmsman




Synopsis for "Phoenix Endsong"Edit

  • Synopsis not yet written.


  • Part 3 of 5 - Limited Series
  • Jean Grey died in New X-Men #150.
  • Quentin Quire was believed to have been killed in New X-Men #138 after he caused a riot in the institute. He was then contained in Beast's lab as a being of pure psionic energy. In the last issue he tried to resurrect Sophie (his obsession) but requires the Phoenix's powers to complete the process.
  • Sophie Cuckoo died trying to stop Quentin Quire in New X-Men #137.


  • Colossus is mentioned to have "pulled his punches" against Phoenix in X-Men #137
  • The Shi'ar believe that as Quentin Quire is an omega level mutant, he has the capacity to become a Phoenix host. This seems to have been verified in the "Here Comes Tomorrow" New X-Men story arc (see below) Where a Phoenix host that resembles Quentin is recognised by Jean as well.

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