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Appearing in "No One Can Stop the Vanisher!"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:

  • Bill(First appearance) (Fred Duncan's Asst.)
  • F.B.I.
  • Officer Smithers(First appearance)
  • Unnamed New Yorkers
  • Unnamed Merry Moppet ice cream man
  • Unnamed bank manager
  • Unnamed policemen
  • United States Army
  • Vanisher's gang members




  • McDonnell XV-1 Convertiplane[1] (First appearance)

Synopsis for "No One Can Stop the Vanisher!"

  • Synopsis not yet written.


  • This issue is reprinted in many other comics and books, see references for more info.[2]


  • This issue introduces the Vanisher, best remembered for his roles in the Factor Three storyline and the Fallen Angels mini-series.
  • Lt. General Fredricks previously appeared in Fantastic Four #3. He becomes a minor recurring character in this series starting with this issue.
  • This issue proves a well-known fact that comics during Silver Age had an air of "suspension of disbelief". This is shown by the fact that Iceman freezing a glove does not produce a frozen glove, but one that has been changed into ice cubes and falls apart.
  • The police in this issue actually "assist" the Vanisher in robbing a bank. They intend to catch him since they think he will not be able to escape.
  • Angel refers to Professor X as "Dr. X" when he is talking to Marvel Girl.
  • The movie title that is seen to be playing at the movie theater is "A Teen-Ager's Tears".
  • The ice cream truck that takes Cyclops and Iceman back to the X-Mansion is called "Merry Moppet Ice Cream Pops".

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  • Official Marvel Guide to the X-Men Vol 2 1


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