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Appearing in "The Warlock Wears Three Faces!"

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Synopsis for "The Warlock Wears Three Faces!"

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Appearing in "I, the Iceman"

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Synopsis for "I, the Iceman"

Sure, it can be cold as a pawnbroker's heart! Frozen as a bill collector's smile! Hard as an algebra end-term! And yet, it has its good points, too! Like, for example, I can cream you with a snowball in July!

— Iceman

In this back-up feature, Iceman explains to the reader how his mutant powers work and how he uses them to create ice constructs like his ice slide. He also shows off different things he can create with his powers such as a bombardment of ice chunks, an ice boomerang, ice shields etc. He explains that he is able to do it by freezing the moisture in the air.

Explaining some of the social perks of his ice powers, he also explains how he learned how to turn his body into an ice form. Originally in a snow form, but later through the Professor's training, he was able to cover his body in ice. He explains that he is quite comfortable in cold climates, and can keep himself cool in hot ones.

Bobby finishes his explanation by wondering how he would fare against the Human Torch in battle, or if his powers would work in outer space since there is no moisture in space.


  • This issue is reprinted in many other comics and books, see references for more info.[1]
  • credits Story 1:
    • Stan Lee Superbly Supervises Still Another Marvel Super-Saga, Aided And Abetted By...
    • The Superb Scripting Of: Gary Friedrich + Arnold Drake
    • The Lavish Lay-Outs Of: Don Heck
    • The Peerless Pencils Of: Werner Roth
    • The Illustrious Inks Of: John Tartaglione And The Legible Lettering Of: Artie Simek
  • credits Story 2:
    • F-F-Frigidly Fashioned By Stan Lee
    • Sh-Sh-Shiveringly Scripted By Arnold Drake
    • P-P-Petrifyingly Penned By Werner Roth
    • I-I-Icily Inked By John Verpoorten
    • Lukewarmly Lettered By Joe Rosen


  • The Coffee-A-Go-Go hang out is incorrectly named "Cafe-A-Go-Go" in this issue.

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  1. The first story is reprinted in the following comics/TPB's: The second story is reprinted in the following comics/TPB's:

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