Appearing in "Beware Computo, Commander of the Robot Hive!"Edit

Featured Characters:


  • Cybertron 19-B - (Destroyed in this issue)
  • Cybertron 78 - (Destroyed in this issue)
  • Cybertron 114 - (Destroyed in this issue)
  • Unnamed Cybertrons - (Destroyed in this issue)

Other Characters:

  • The X-Men (Mentioned)
  • Carlo, a photographer
  • Candy and Mr. Dane, photography partners
  • Unnamed models
  • Unnamed radio engineer
  • Unnamed movers


  • Photography studio
  • Apex Sand and Gravel Co, Inc.
  • Underground Cybertron Hive


Synopsis for "Beware Computo, Commander of the Robot Hive!"Edit

  • Synopsis not yet written.

    Appearing in "Yours Truly, the Beast"Edit

Featured Characters:


Synopsis for "Yours Truly, the Beast"Edit

The essence of the strange powers with which nature has endowed me, can be found in my pedal and digital extremities! In other words, keep your eyes on my hands and feet!

— Beast

In this follow up story, the Beast gives us a narrative about his mutant powers. He explains that his large hands and feet, enhanced strength and agility allow him to perform all his feats. He can leap and bound out of trouble, and use his toes to help him scale walls. He also explains his unique fighting style and he is so skilled with his feet that he can write with his toes. He is so skilled he can use both his hands and feet to repair machinery.

Taking a moment to revert to his civilian guise, he tells the audience about his interest in the various academic interests that he has before being called into action. Hank quickly changes into his Beast costume, bounds across the roof tops of cars, climbs a nearby building and manages to hop aboard the X-Copter to join his comrades in another battle.


  • Beast originally didn't get an origin story as a secondary story because his origin was already revealed in X-Men #15.
  • This issue is reprinted in many other comics and books, see references for more info.[1]
  • This issue contains a letters page, Mutant Mailbox. Letters are published from Masao Kono, Barbara Schumann., Bruce Coville and Charles Smart, Tom Drake, Tony Isabella, Werner Leupold, and Bob Cox.
  • credits Story 1:
    • Chief Data Processor: Stan Lee
    • Scriptographer: Arnold Drake
    • Pencil Pushers: Don Heck and Werner Roth
    • Pen Pal: John Verpoorten
    • Letter Bug: I. Watanabe
  • references: X-Men #42


  • The promo for the next issue, "Metoxo, the Lava Man", is not written in the next book. In fact, the story has never been published until Marvel Holiday Special Vol 1 1994 first story.
  • This editor has a preference of this quote from the Beast this issue, "Lamentably rhetoric is oft less persuasive than sheer brute force!".

See Also

  • X-Men #46 - the X-Men are forced to disband by the FBI.

  • None.
  1. The first story is reprinted in the following comics/TPB's: The second story is reprinted in the following comics/TPB's:


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