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Appearing in "Who Dares Defy... the Demi-Men"

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Other Characters:

  • Magneto - , (Cameo)
  • Unnamed San Francisco bystanders




  • Avengers Aero-car

Synopsis for "Who Dares Defy... the Demi-Men"

  • Synopsis not yet written.

Appearing in "A Beast Is Born"

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Other Characters:

  • John, a nuclear plant worker
  • Mr. Marlin, nuclear plant manager
  • Unnamed doctor and nurse
  • Unnamed wedding party


Synopsis for "A Beast Is Born"

These extraordinary hand and feet! Yes, they're developed far beyond those of a newborn child! I wonder what else time will tell us about him!

— A doctor inspecting newborn Hank

Telling the origins of the Beast, our story begins with Norton and Edna McCoy. Recently married, the couple have relocated to a new home provided by Norton's employers an atomic energy plant. One day some of the carbon rods be lowered due to the fact that there is a short in the electrical systems.

Ordered to get the chief electrical engineer, Norton disobeys orders to manually lower the rods. Although in a protective suit, the radiation is intense and although Norton manages to save the day he passes out due to his exposure to the rods radioactivity. Norton survives and after a brief stay at the hospital he is released.

Sometime later in a new home and new job Norton and Edna conceive a child, however the doctors are worried about the state of the child given Norton's previous exposure to radiation. However months later, when their boy -- named Henry -- is born, the only odd thing about the boy is his large hands and feet. When Hank's Uncle Bob comes to visit, he responds to his uncles cooing by punching him in the chin. Marvelling at the boys strength, Bob tells them that the boy could be the next heavyweight champ and field kicker.


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  • credits Story 1:
    • X-Tatically Presented By- Stan Lee
    • X-Citingly Written By- Arnold Drake
    • X-Huberantly Designed By- Don Heck
    • X-Traordinarily Drawn By- Werner Roth
    • X-Quisitely Inked By- John Tartaglione
    • X-Ecrably Lettered By- Herb Cooper
  • credits Story 2:
    • Made Possible Through The Bestial Energies And Animal Artistries Of
    • Stan Lee...Producer
    • Arnold Drake...Writer
    • Werner Roth...Artist
    • John Verpoorten...Inker
    • I. Watanabe...Letterer
  • references: Avengers #53

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  • This is the start of a multi-part story that continues in X-Men #50, #51, and #52.


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