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Synopsis for "The Rage of Blastaar!"

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Appearing in "Welcome to the Club, Beast!"

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Synopsis for "Welcome to the Club, Beast!"

Continued from last issue....

The Conquistador has his operative Chico install the energy generator which he forced Hank McCoy to steal for him to power his doomsday weapon for which he plans on threatening the entire world. When Hank revives from a previous blow dealt to him by the Conquistador, he attempts to attack his captor, however he bounces off his electrified shield.

Dodging blasts from the Conquistador's electrified sword, Hank tries to escape the room but ends up running into a door closed by Chico. Before the Conquistador can punish Hank; Cyclops, Angel and Iceman burst through the door to rescue him. With Hank's help, the three costumed mutants manage to fight off the Conquistador's men.

Before they can stop the Conquistador from activating his device, the mutants are ordered to retreat by the Professor. Just as they do, the Conquistador's device explodes seemingly killing him. Outside, the Professor meets with his charges and explains that he used his mental powers to overload the weapon. Returning to the McCoy house, the Professor asks Hank to join his school, an offer that Hank accepts. Dawning his costume, the group welcomes him to the team and rechristens him the Beast.


  • Iceman can awaken unconscious people with a 'whiff of frozen oxygen'.
  • In Beast's origin story, Professor X claims he has telekinetic powers.
  • This issue is reprinted in many other comics and books, see references for more info.[1]


  • Blastaar appears to be killed at the end of the first story, but it is later revealed that his "lifeless" body is restored in an upstate lab.
  • This issue features a letter from a young Mark Gruenwald.

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