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Appearing in "The Supreme Sacrifice"

Featured Characters:


  • Dr. Bolivar Trask - (Death)
  • Sentinels
  • Master Mold
    • Sentinels - (Final appearance), (Destroyed in this issue)
      • Sentinel 1 - (Destroyed in this issue)
      • Sentinel 2 - (Destroyed in this issue)
      • Sentinel 3-D - (Destroyed in this issue)
      • Sentinel 3-R - (Destroyed in this issue)
      • Sentinel 4 - (Destroyed in this issue)
      • Sentinel 5 - (Destroyed in this issue)
      • Sentinel 6 - (Destroyed in this issue)
      • Sentinel 7 - (Destroyed in this issue)
      • Sentinel D - (Destroyed in this issue)
      • Sentinel F - (Destroyed in this issue)
      • Sentinel T - (Destroyed in this issue)

Other Characters:

  • Unnamed drivers
  • Unnamed policemen




  • Professor X's Rolls Royce
  • Police helicopter

Synopsis for "The Supreme Sacrifice"

The X-Men have been defeated and captured by the Sentinels leaving Professor X the only member of the group uncaptured. Having recovered from his failed attempt at trying to shut down Master Mold with his mental powers, Charles witnesses the Sentinel base once more retract back into the ground, and decides to take a different approach to defeating this robotic menace. Deciding to go back to examine the deactivated robot at the Television station to try and find a clue that will lead to the Sentinels defeat, Xavier mentally summons a passerby to pick him up and drive him into the city.

The X-Men meanwhile have been imprisoned in a transparent cage, pinned to it's surface by artificial gravity. Try as they might they cannot break free. When Master Mold gets all the information he can from the Beast, he deems the X-Men a paltry threat and orders the Beast be put in with his comrades. When Bolivar Trask asks Master Mold what he intends to do with the X-Men, the robot responds by telling him that he intends to eventually destroy them as per Trask's programming. Having realized the errors of his ways, Trask denounces this, however Master Mold is unswayed, he then threatens to destroy a nearby town if Trask doesn't agree to build more Sentinels after showing him the power of his disintegrator beam.

While back in New York City, the Professor is brought to the television station where he first encountered the Sentinels, where one of their numbers still lays inert. Secretly probing the robot with his mental powers before a perplexed police officer, the Professor learns that the Sentinel has a receiver unit much like a television set and that something must have caused interference. Looking out the window he notices that the cause is a giant crystal on display atop the Crystal Products Building. This gives the Professor just the idea how to destroy Master Mold and the other Sentinels.

Back at he Sentinel base, the other X-Men feel the artificial gravity of their cell weaken as the Sentinels prepare to put the Beast in the cell with them. Cyclops organizes the X-Men and when a small opening is made in their transparent prison, they attack and break free of their imprisonment. The Sentinels are caught off guard and trip over themselves as the X-Men gain the advantage and take out their captors with their Mutant powers. The X-Men make a break for it, however the Sentinels recover and fire their stun beams at the young Mutants knocking them out. They then prepare to kill the X-Men when suddenly they collapse. It is because at that very moment outside, Professor X and the authorities have arrived in three helicopters carrying a giant crystal. Suddenly, the high tech pillbox that defends the Sentinel base rises out of the ground and a giant cyclone firing cannon begins to attack.

Inside, the X-Men revive and are alerted telepathically by the Professor of the Sentinels weaknesses. Rushing off to face Master Mold, the X-Men are startled when the lights begin to go out as some giant machine beneath their feet begins operating, causing fuses all over the complex to blow. This is because Trask has begun the operations that allow Master Mold to create new Sentinels. Harnessing powerful electrical energy and channeling it into a device that will construct eight new, and more powerful Sentinel robots.

Realizing that with enough power, Master Mold can go on producing Sentinels forever and dominate all mankind, Trask finally decides that he cannot allow such a thing to happen, no matter the cost. Denouncing Master Mold one more time, and finding that his life is sacrifice, smashes a vital machine in the lab causing a massive explosion. The X-Men, just in the outside corridor are rocked by the explosion. The heat from the flames causes Iceman to pass out, prompting Beast to rescue his friend before he can get crushed under falling debris. As the complex is falling down around their heads, the X-Men manage to escape the destruction with the help of Marvel Girl's telekinetic powers.

Outside, there is a close call as Beast carries Iceman out of the complex when the wall beings to crumble. Passing his unconscious comrade to the Angel, Beast quickly runs down the side of the complex by himself just moments before it explodes. Watching the destruction, the X-Men wonder what might have happened down there, completely unaware that Trask had learned the errors of his ways and sacrificed himself in order to save humanity from Sentinel domination.

With the threat of the Sentinels over the X-Men are completely unaware that back at their mansion, someone lurks in the shadows waiting for their return to pose as a new threat to the group of Mutants.

This story is continued next issue....

Appearing in "Lo! Now Shall Appear the Mimic!"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


  • Mimic (First appearance), (Appears in flashback and main story)

Other Characters:

  • Dr. Ronald Rankin - (Only in flashback)
  • Unnamed construction workers
  • Blackie - Calvin Rankin's classmate - (Only in flashback)
  • Unnamed baseball players - (Only in flashback)
  • Unnamed students - (Only in flashback)


  • New York City Public Library
  • Calvin Rankin's mine hideout - (Appears in flashback and main story)



Synopsis for "Lo! Now Shall Appear the Mimic!"

The X-Men are in another training session supervised by Cyclops, the session is once more interrupted by Iceman's childish games, and the sessions is preempted temporarily while Cyke takes Bobby down a peg. Cyclops then tests Hank's time record for dealing with a trap door test which Hank passes with flying colors. The Professor enters the room and applauds his students good work and tells them that after their great performance against the Sentinels and Magneto, and the fact that they are at their fighting peak, he has assigned them all a brief vacation. The team then doff their costumed identities and go into the city in their civilian guises.

Hank and Bobby go to the library where they are to meet Bobby's girlfriend Zelda to join Hank on a blind date with Zelda's friend Vera. Hank has his reservations about meeting this woman, but becomes instantly smitten when he finds that Vera works at the local library. Along the way to their scheduled date, they run into Calvin Rankin, a young man who has been trying to get Vera to go out on dates with him. Jealous that Vera is out with Hank, the hot tempered Rankin starts to fight Hank. Hank pulls his punches, attempting to hide his mutant nature, however when Hank attempts to fight back he is surprised to find that Calvin has somehow has powers the same as him. After he easily trounces Hank, Bobby attempts to fight back, hitting Calvin in the face with a snowball. Just then, construction workers noticing the fight attempt to stop Calvin from beating up on Bobby, however Calvin manages to dodge a thrown brick and suddenly create an ice all to protect him from other projectiles. Surprised at these new abilities, Calvin then flees up the side of a building evading the arriving construction workers.

Surprised at gaining these new abilities, Calvin recognizes them as powers that belong to two of the X-Men, and correctly deduces that Hank and Bobby are secretly Beast and Iceman. He then tests out his new abilities, hoping to use them to destroy the X-Men, however they eventually fade away, Calvin forgetting that the skills he mimics from others fades away once he is far enough away from the people he mimiced them from.

Returning to the streets and going out for coffee, Calvin runs into Jean Grey while she is out shopping when she accidentally bumps into her. After rudely shouting at her, Calvin sits down at the table and realizes that he's also mimiced telekinetic powers and realizes the redhead he's bumped into is none other than Marvel Girl. Realizing the X-Men must be in town in their civilian identities, Calvin decides to follow Jean back wherever she intends to go and learn where the X-Men's secret base is.

Showing up at the mansion wearing a pair of ruby quartz glasses and a harness (so as to hide his mimicing of Cyclops and Angel's powers) Calvin shows up at the X-Mansion under the false pretense of "apologizing" for the fight he enticed earlier before, and asking to join Xavier's school. He first mimics Professor X's telepathy when the Professor attempts to mind probe Calvin and finds that he cannot access his mind. He then meets all of the X-Men, mimicing their powers upon shaking their hands. The reception is less than warm, and Calvin realizes that none of the X-Men trust him. Allowed to be excused to go upstairs for a moment, the Professor tells his charges that he suspects that Rankin is up to no good and since he has deduced the X-Men's identities that they should change into their costumes and be prepared for an attack.

Sure enough, Calvin returns downstairs waring a specially made costume. Calling himself Mimic, he tells the X-Men that he intends to destroy them with copies of their own powers. Mimic then defeats Angel with a combination of his and Beast's powers, deflects attacks from Cyclops and Iceman by using the opposites powers as a defense against the attacks. With one-on-one attacks ineffectual, the Professor orders the X-Men to attack Mimic as a team. Mimic manages to defend himself, and fight the X-Men off. As the team of mutants are regrouping, Mimic then nabs Marvel girl and flees in a car, with Marvel Girl as his hostage. The X-Men follow in their helicopter hoping to catch him before he can harm Jean.

Mimic (now with all his stolen powers gone except for Marvel Girl's telekinetics) takes Jean to an abandoned mine where Jean is surprised to find a hidden living space within. There Mimic tells Jean his startling origins: He explains that his father was a scientist who disallowed Calvin to ever enter his lab. However, one day the defiant Calvin would snoop around when his father was not around. He would accidentally knock over a beaker filled with a chemical his father was working on causing it to smash open and cover him in a strange gas. Finding that he was okay, Calvin soon realized that the exposure to the chemicals somehow changed him: When in a school yard brawl with the schools boxing champ, he somehow developed his opponents boxing skills. Later he would find that he would absorb the skills of those who were around him, however is sudden bouts of perfection would cause his students to become suspicious of him and shun him.

Learning what what had happened to his son, and suspecting the people in town would eventually turn against his boy, Calvin's father would relocate them to an abandoned mine in the hopes of working on a way to make his son's powers permanent. However, the experiments required a heavy use of power, and when the towns people learned the source of the power drain they would form a mob and converge on the cave. Warned of their coming by his alarm system, Calvin's father would attempt to bar their attack by blasting closed the main entrance. However, he would underestimate the force of the explosion, and this oversight would ultimately cost the elder Rankin his life, and bury the machine that could potentially make Mimic's powers permanent. After his fathers body was buried the young Calvin would vow to get revenge on the world once he found a way to make his power permanent.

With his story finished, Jean properly deduces that Mimic intends to use the X-Men's powers in order to clear the rubble and free the machine that could make Mimic unbeatable. Mimic soon detects the arrival of the other X-Men when Angel's wings begin to sprout from his back once more. Rushing to the cave in, Mimi would then use his returning optic blast to begin clearing through the debris. The X-Men meanwhile would cautiously enter the cave and free Jean who would warn them of Mimic's plans.

Mimic meanwhile has managed to break his way through to his fathers lab and before he can open the door to the device that he seeks, he is attacked by the X-Men, who have caught up with him. Mimic manages to fight off the X-Men and grab the Professor as his hostage to keep the X-Men at bay while he uses his fathers machine. However, instead of making his mimicing powers permanent, the device actually strips Calvin of this ability, and knocks him out in the process. The X-Men, realizing the machine is overloading, carry the Professor and Rankin to safety before it explodes destroying the entire lab. The X-Men then change Calvin back to his civilian guise and the Professor removes all memory of his identity as Mimic and sends the boy on his way, hoping that he can get a fresh new start. With the threat of Mimic ended, the X-Men return home.


  • Panel 1 of page 20 in the second story has been removed from this book to make room for both stories. In it's place is a circulation announcement.

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