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Appearing in "The Wail of the Banshee"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:

  • Various unnamed New Yorkers
  • Mrs. Von Brahmin
  • Mr. Jones (art gallery owner)
  • Unnamed Metro College students


  • Art gallery at the corner of E 57th St & 5th Ave
  • O'Neil tobacco shop at the corner of Broadway & 44th St


Synopsis for "The Wail of the Banshee"

A new mutant arrives in New York City, calling himself the Banshee and he has the powers to go with the name. Flying to an expensive art gallery, the sonic powered mutant uses his powerful scream to smash through the glass to get at an expensive painting of a beautiful landscape before fleeing the scene.

As this is going on, the X-Men are testing the range of Mimic's power-copying abilities and seeing if the Professor's mental powers can help boost the range. Mimic only gets so far before the powers he's copied from the X-Men begin to fade away, and he is forced to land. However, Mimic is not worried about this, because he believes that with his combined abilities he'll be the most superior member of the group. This leads to an argument between him and Cyclops over Mimic's risk taking, with Cyclops believing that Mimic is looking toward a big fall.

While back in the city, the Banshee has returned to a preset hideout where he is reunited with his colleague, a simplistic man named the Ogre, who has just learned the secret location of the X-Men's headquarters. When the Ogre realizes that Banshee had gone out and stolen a mere painting, he attempts to scold him for jeopardizing their mission. Banshee tries to downplay it, and then realizes that he is running low on tobacco for his pipe. Banshee then goes back out into the city where he once more uses his powers to steal: This time tobacco from a closed up tobacco shop. The attack attracts the attention of the X-Men who begin to mobilize on a mission to investigate. While in Manhattan, Jean Grey is in Central Park with Ted Roberts who is brooding over a letter from home and tells her about his successful brother when they are interrupted by a radio report about Banshee's most recent attack.

Banshee has meanwhile returned to his hideout and he and the Ogre prepare to strike at the X-Men's base, using a pyro-projector to cause a fire nearby to distract people from witnessing their departure from the base. They travel to the X-Mansion, where the Professor - knowing that the attackers are coming to the mansion - have his X-Men prepare to counterattack. The X-Men are all knocked out by the Banshee's sonic scream, allowing the Ogre to kidnap the Professor and attempt to flee the scene. He is tripped up by the timely arrival of Marvel Girl who uses her telekinetic powers to keep the Ogre busy until the rest of the X-Men revive themselves and attempt to capture the Ogre instead.

Despite the fact that the Ogre has many high tech devices to fend off the attacking X-Men, he is forced to flee when they overpower him, and he leaves the Professor behind. Returning to the ship, he finds that Banshee has returned as well, and the mutant is hardly impressed that Ogre has returned empty handed and goes back after the X-Men to try and recollect Xavier.

However, this time the X-Men are ready for Banshee's sonic screams and have taken precautions to protected their ears from his debilitating screams. When the Banshee attempts to capture the Professor again, the X-Men are ready, and the group manages to subdue Banshee and seal him in a special suit and cell that prevents him from using his powers. While preparing to deal with the Ogre, Cyclops notices for the first time that there is a locked door in the basement of the Mansion that he had not seen previously.

When the Ogre arrives to try and capture the Professor, he breaks into the mansion once more and when he attempts to break the Banshee free, the X-Men attack, Cyclops using his optic blast and the Mimic (now having mimiced Banshee's abilities) uses his sonic powers to defeat the Ogre. However, the resulting attack causes the cell Banshee has been trapped in to shatter. However, when the Banshee breaks free, and with the Ogre defeated the Banshee removes the headdress that he's been forced to wear. He tells the gathered X-Men that the Ogre, and an organization called Factor Three had forced him to work with them by planting a bomb in the headdress. Banshee leaves the X-Men with some ominous words: That Factor Three intends to take over the world.

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