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Appearing in "The Mark of the Monster!"

Featured Characters:


Other Characters:

  • Dr. Powell
  • Unnamed scientists - (Only in flashback)
  • Unnamed museum curator & guard
  • Unnamed New Yorkers
  • Unnamed captain and crew of a freighter
  • Unnamed aliens and alien race - (Only in flashback)


  • City Museum of New York
  • New York Harbor



  • Unnamed cargo freighter
  • Professor X's Rolls-Royce

Synopsis for "The Mark of the Monster!"

The X-Men are training in the Danger Room, when the Beast begins to showboat before the others Iceman decides to pull a prank on his friend. This is not very well received, but the training session is cut short when they answer the mental summons of Professor X. The Professor reveals to the X-Men that he has uncovered the location of the Frankenstein's Monster, long thought a myth due to the fictions of Mary Shelly, but an astonishing reality. The Professor recounts the tale as it is known, but tells his students a startling revelation: That the monster is really a high tech android, and he suspects that the "Monster" is the creation of a mutant. He explains that the discovered android is currently attempting to be thawed from the arctic ice it has been trapped in for centuries, and orders his X-Men to prevent the scientists from doing so to avoid any humans being harmed.

Although they rush there as quickly as possible in and try to gain entrance with the Professor's credentials they are barred from entry by the security guard. Even though Jean uses her telekinetic powers to knock out the guard, the X-Men are too late as the over eager Professor Powell ignores his colleagues warnings of caution. The android breaks free prompting the X-Men to change into their uniforms and approach the creature. It attacks them directly, and the X-Men attempt to match it's fighting, however find that it's strength is superior to theirs and that it has eye beams that are more powerful than Cyclops' optic blasts. The Monster makes short work of the X-Men and leaves the scene.

Recovering, they are spotted by another professor who blames the X-Men for the damage done on the scene, Iceman temporarily freezes him and the mutant heroes flee the scene. With the Professor's mental probes, the X-Men track the faux-Frankenstein Monster to a sea freighter. When they board the vessel, they are attacked by the crew whom the X-Men easily subdue and get "permission" to search the cargo hold for the creature. They find the monster and it attacks them once more, and the X-Men fare no better against the monster than their previous encounter with it. However, the creature is convinced to break off it's attack when the Professor mentally contacts the creature and tells it that he is the one that commanded the X-Men to attack. Turning his attentions to the Professor, the android is distracted long enough for the Professor to command Iceman to cover the robot in ice, once more threatening to put it in a state of suspended animation. Attempting to break free, the robot strains itself too much and suddenly explodes, ending it's threat.

In the aftermath, the Professor explains to his X-Men that he learned the androids origins from probing it's mind: That it was the creation of an alien race from a tropical world that sent it to Earth to act as an ambassador some 150 years ago. The robot malfunctioned however and it's creators were forced to trap it in the arctic regions of Earth, the cold being it's only weakness. The Professor goes on to explain that the android attacked his X-Men so readily because it confused their colorful costumes with those of it's creators. With their mission accomplished the X-Men return home.

Appearing in "Thru the Lens"

Featured Characters:

  • Raf
  • Querina
  • Professor John Marston


Other Characters:

  • Mary
  • Unnamed thief
  • Unnamed gentleman


Synopsis for "Thru the Lens"

--For a full synopsis of this comic, please see the original publishing of this comic in Venus #16.--


  • The faces of the Beast and Frankenstein's monster on the cover have been redrawn by Marie Severin for this reprint.

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