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Is that the Wolverine? Or some kind of...actor? You never know in this town. ... It's just that he looks so short in real life!
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Think you're confusing me with Tom Cruise.
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Appearing in "Golgotha (Part Three: The Crazy Gang)"

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Synopsis for "Golgotha (Part Three: The Crazy Gang)"

Emma regains consciousness and warns the X-Men in Calvary, who are fighting a second “Golgotha” that there is still trouble in LA, and Boy and his gang kill restaurant patrons, before making their own headquarters at a Western film set, and later kill some television executives. After Wolverine comments that Havok does have a problem with Iceman and Polaris, the three of them go to LA and after Wolverine gives Bobby some advice on how to deal with Polaris and Havok, they locate Boy and his followers, and bring Boy back to the Institute. Boy’s arrival sparks some trivial problems between the friends and teammates in the X-Men, and he jibes Wolverine by telling him he is too old to be hanging around the X-Men. Later, Wolverine considers what Boy said and decides to leave to clear his head - only to discover that Emma has imposed a twenty-four hour quarantine on them all.

Solicit Synopsis

A strange madness is striking mutants in Los Angeles, driving them to commit unspeakable acts. The X-Men must discover the cause and stop it…before it strikes them as well!


  • This issue is reprinted in comics and books, see references for more info.[1]

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