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Synopsis for "Inside...Out!"

Dr. Cornelius scans Wolverine’s memory for the location of the carbonadium synthesizer, forcing him to recall again his first encounter with Omega Red decades earlier.  Even though the process is killing Wolverine, Matsu’o and Fenris force Cornelius to probe deeper, revealing Wolverine buried the synthesizer with the double agent his team tried to rescue.  Matsu’o then orders Cornelius to kill Wolverine so Psylocke reveals she has broken free of Matsu’o’s control and engages Omega Red.  Cornelius sounds the alarm, tipping off Maverick who frees himself and enlists the help of Sabretooth, now in Psylocke’s thrall, to free the X-Men.  Unfortunately, Matsu’o soon knocks out Psylocke, freeing Sabretooth.  Sabretooth slashes Maverick, but the X-Men take him down with their powers.  Wolverine busts out of his restraints and attacks Omega Red.  The X-Men arrive and best the villains, but chemicals stored in the building catch fire.  The team escapes with Maverick in the Blackbird just before the building explodes. On Mojoworld, Longshot’s latest rebellion against Mojo has failed, and both he and Lila Cheney have been captured. Dazzler decides to get the X-Men’s help and try again.  Back in Berlin, Matsu’o, Cornelius, and the Hand exhume the double agent’s grave only to find Wolverine waiting for them.  He wounds Matsu’o who flees with his assassins.  Cornelius is about to shoot Wolverine, but Maverick shoots Cornelius first.  Wolverine gives Maverick the synthesizer, and they part ways.


  • This issue is reprinted in:
    • X-Men: Mutant Genesis trade paperback (1995);
    • Giant-Size Wolverine #1 (Dec. 2006);
    • X-Men: Mutant Genesis hardcover (2010);
    • X-Men by Chris Claremont & Jim Lee Omnibus hardcover (2011).


  • Despite his apparent death in this issue, Dr. Cornelius is revealed to have survived in Death of Wolverine #3.

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