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Notorious tormentors of Ben Grimm, the Yancy Street Gang usually pulls innocuous pranks on Grimm. Despite their acrimonious relationship, the gang does not want anyone outside of Yancy Street imperiling the Thing or the Fantastic Four. Although Grimm has often threatened the gang with deadly force, their relationship normally involves good natured and light hearted banter and comedy.

When the Serpent returned to Midgard, he summons various Hammers to Earth. One, the Hammer of Angrir, landed in Yancy Street. It transformed the Thing into Angrir, Breaker of Souls, and he destroyed Yancy Street in a single attack.[1]


Hiram Sheckerberg (Earth-616)

File:Hiram Sheckerberg (Earth-616).png

Hiram Sheckerberg was a pawnbroker.[2]

Leland Gabriel (Earth-616)

File:Leland Gabriel (Earth-616).png

Leland Gabriel got lost in Yancy Street.[2]


  • Yancy Street is apparently a long-standing area of almost historic proportions. Jeff Mace noted growing up there prior to World War II.[3]
  • In the Silver and Bronze Age, Yancy Street members faces were rarely shown or they were depicted in shadows.


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