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Yanick Paquette

Real Name
Yanick Paquette

Place of Birth
Quebec, Canada

First publication


Personal History

Personal History of Yanick Paquette is unknown.

Professional History

Yanick Paquette is a penciller in North American comics. He has worked for Antarctic Press, Topps, DC Comics and Marvel Comics since 1994.

Ultimate X-Men Vol 1 83

Gambit Vol 3 21

Among the titles he has worked on are: Checklist: ABC A-Z, Adventures of Superman, Areala Warrior Nun, Avengers, Codename Knock-Out, Gambit, Gen¹³, JLA, Negation, Power Company, Space: Above And Beyond, Superman: The Man of Steel, Terra Obscura, Tomorrow Woman, Transmetropolitan: Filth of the City, Seven Soldiers: The Bulleteer, Wonder Woman, Xena: Warrior Princess, and Civil War: X-Men. He is the current regular artist on Ultimate X-Men.


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