Yanky Clippers
Oswald the Lucky Rabbit series
Yanky Clippers Poster.jpg

Theatrical poster
Directed by Walter Lantz
Tom Palmer
Produced by George Winkler
Distributed by Universal Pictures
Release date(s)
Color process Black and white
Running time 5 minutes
Language English
Preceded by Homeless Homer
Followed by Hen Fruit

Yanky Clippers is a silent animated film starring Oswald the Lucky Rabbit. It is among the few shorts created during the Winkler period known to be existing. The cartoon is also Oswald's last silent film.


Oswald is a hair stylist and runs a barber shop. His first customer is a shaggy terrier, and Oswald goes to give it a haircut. Every time Oswald shaves some hair from the terrier's back, the hairs keep regrowing. In time, Oswald finds out that the little dog is drinking a bottle of hair-growing liquid while he shaves. He then takes away the bottle and continues working. Though all he intended to is to give the terrier a little trimming, Oswald made the dog almost completely hairless.

His second customer is a hippo who comes to have some chin shaving which Oswald provided easily. The next patron is an elephant who seems to need a trunk makeover. Oswald irons the elephant's trunk and curls it with some tongs. The elephant blow its trunk like a party horn and appears to be satisfied by it.

Oswald then comes to a bear who arrives to have a manicure. To make himself more charming, Oswald puts on a skirt and some lipstick. He then smoothed the bear's sharp claws with an automatic nail-filing wheel. Because of the feminine outfit the rabbit is wearing, the bear thinks Oswald is a girl and therefore falls in love with him. Oswald is then asked by the love-stricken bear to have a ride in the latter's car but Oswald declines. To make the rabbit get in, the bear lures Oswald using a lollipop. The plan works and Oswald is in the vehicle sitting beside his client.

They set off in the car, leaving the barber shop and exiting the city. While they were riding through an open field minutes later, the bear picks up Oswald with two hands and starts kissing the rabbit constantly, much to Oswald's dismay. Oswald is able to get out of the bear's grasp and jumps off the car. Oswald goes on running with the bear in the car chasing.

The chase continues even when night falls. It ends when they reach a long fence. Having enough of the bear's affection, Oswald confesses he is actually a guy as he takes off his skirt and wipes off the lipstick. The bear is disgusted and drives away. Oswald is finally left in peace.

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