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"Year One" is a frequently used moniker for character origin stories in the DC Comics Universe. It usually details the first year of a character’s active continuity, hence the title. Not every origin story is a Year One, but every Year One is an origin. Year One stories are united in name and content only. They have no official venue, or format holding them together. The very first "Year One" story in 1986, "Batman: Year One," was a four-issue arc running through the Batman ongoing title. Two sequels would be published in the same way, "Batman: Year Two," and "Batman: Year Three," as would "Nightwing: Year One." Shortly after Zero Hour, DC had a continuity reboot, and in the summer of 1995 produced a "Year One" one-shot story in all of that year’s annuals to cover it. Currently, Year One stories are usually produced in the form of limited series’ not tied to any other publication. Being intended as the definitive origin stories for their title characters, Year One arcs can be depended on to have top creators working on them.

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