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Yellow Lantern Central Power Battery

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Yellow Lantern Central Power Battery
Harvey2.jpg Aliases
Central Power Battery; Qwardian Central Power Battery
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The Yellow Lantern Central Power Battery in turn feeds a network of smaller batteries possessed by emissaries in the various sectors of the universe. Each possessor of a battery regularly charges their powerful Yellow Power Rings which they use in service of order and Fear as the Sinestro Corps.
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Repository of the mental emotional spectrum energies of the concept of Fear.

Constantly charges the smaller Power Batteries which in turn charge about various individual Yellow Power Rings.

With few exceptions the Power Ring is limited to a 24 hour charge and must be recharged in the Power Battery on a daily basis.

Originally stationed on Qward in the Antimatter Universe it is currently aboard Warworld in the New Earth Universe.

The Central Power Battery was destroyed when it was pulled along with Warworld by the Green Lantern Corps on top of the Anti-Monitor. Yet Sinestro Corps rings still possess their powers with no deficiency. Making it questionable whether their was more then one battery or if the rings are designed to run on ambient energy generated by fear in general.

It was later revealed that Sinestro had built a secondary Central Battery and left it hidden on Qward, in the event that the Invasion of Earth failed. Currently, Sinestro's loyalists are the only ones aware of the Battery's existence and location.


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