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Fury joins the fray, as do Flying Fox and Iron Munro, as they help fend off the new superpowered villain group known as Axis Amerika at the All-Star Squadron headquarters. As the villains retreat, Green Lantern joins with Neptune Perkins and Tsunami in tow as the members of the All-Star Squadron decide what to do with these new young heroes. It is when Dan the Dyna-Mite returns with President Franklin D. Roosevelt that Hawkman and Liberty Belle decide to give these members probationary status as members of a youth auxiliary to the All-Star Squadron.



  • The Golden Age heroes featured on the cover include (on left) Dr. Mid-Nite, Star-Spangled Kid, Atom, (on right) Firebrand (Danette Reilly), Stripesy, Robotman, (on bottom) Flash.

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