Zaza the Mystic
Zaza the Mystic, from the cover of Zaza the Mystic #11 (September 1956)
Art by Dick Giordano
Publication information
Publisher Charlton Comics
First appearance Zaza the Mystic #10 (April 1956)
Created by Joe Gill, Rocke Mastroserio, and Charles Nicholas
In-story information
Abilities precognition, other psychic powers

Zaza the Mystic is a fictional character that appeared in comic books published by Charlton Comics. She appeared in only two issues, Zaza the Mystic #10 (April 1956) and Zaza the Mystic #11 (September 1956). Zaza was created by long-time Charlton writer Joe Gill and artists Rocke Mastroserio and Charles Nicholas.

Character background

Zaza was introduced in Zaza the Mystic #10 as a gypsy fortuneteller with the ability to accurately tell the future. She works with police detective Lt. Bob Nelson in her efforts to prevent crimes she's predicted.

Publication history

Joe Gill wrote most of the Zaza stories for her two appearances. Art was provided by Mastroserio and Nicholas. The first issue of Zaza was a continuation of the numbering of the Charlie Chan comic. Charlton had lost the rights to the Chan character, and was forced to change the name of the title. After Zaza's second appearance, the title was changed once again, to This Magazine is Haunted![1]

Zaza the Mystic #11 was reprinted in 1998 by Avalon Communications, and renumbered #1. The reissue claimed to be "from the creators of Superman"; this was probably because former DC Comics and Superman editor Dick Giordano had drawn the original cover.

Unlike other Charlton characters, she has yet to make an appearance in the DC Comics universe.


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