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  • This issue is reprinted in the Zero Hour: Crisis in Time trade paperback.
  • Zero Hour: Crisis in Time was shipped on a weekly publishing schedule.
  • The reading order for this limited series counts down backwards beginning with issue #4 and ending with issue #0.


  • Hal Jordan interestingly decides to create one Earth for the modern-day mainstream DC Universe heroes and another for the Justice Society where they would never grow old -- similar to the original pre-Crisis Multiverse concept of Earth-One and Earth-Two, the respective homes of both the Justice League and the Justice Society.
  • Hal asks Captain Atom if he wanted to regain lost time -- referring to his post-Crisis origin where he was transported 18 years into the future due to the experiment that made him into Captain Atom.
  • Green Arrow makes a comment about the recently-deceased (and erased) Batgirl not being forgotten even though she no longer at that point existed. Interestingly, her Earth-One counterpart made a comment about the Earth-One Supergirl being a hero that would not be forgotten at her memorial service in Crisis On Infinite Earths #7, though her existence would be erased with the John Byrne reboot of the modern day Superman's origin.

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