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January 27, 2001
August 17, 2002

The Zeta Project was a DCAU animated series that was spun off the Batman Beyond episode "Zeta", which introduced the character. Based on the concept by Robert Goodman, The Zeta Project focuses on Zeta, a killer robot that refuses to kill, and Ro Rowan, an runaway orphan, both looking for their roots.

The series is set concurrently with Batman Beyond and features two crossovers (Zeta Project (TV Series) Episode: Shadows and Batman Beyond (TV Series) Episode: Countdown), which were coincidentally aired on the same day.


Season One

  1. "The Accomplice"
  2. "His Maker's Name"
  3. "Remote Control"
  4. "Change of Heart"
  5. "The Next Gen"
  6. "West Bound"
  7. "Hicksburg"
  8. "Shadows"
  9. "Crime Waves"
  10. "Taffy Time"
  11. "Ro's Reunion"
  12. "Kid Genius"

Season Two

  1. "Absolute Zero"
  2. "Wired, Part I"
  3. "Wired, Part II"
  4. "Resume Mission"
  5. "Hunt in the Hub"
  6. "Ro's Gift"
  7. "Lost and Found"
  8. "Eye of the Storm"
  9. "Quality Time"
  10. "On the Wire"
  11. "Cabin Pressure"
  12. "The River Rising"
  13. "The Hologram Man"
  14. "The Wrong Morph"

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